Canon Pixma PRO-100 Printer + 50 pc. Photo Paper $59

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- 4800 x 2400 dpi<br />- Print 8 x 10" in 51 Seconds<br />- Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirPrint, PictBridge<br />- Print Sizes up to 13 x 19"<br />- 8 Ink Cartridges Including 3 Monochrome<br />- CD, DVD, Blu-ray Printing<br />- Print Studio Pro for Photoshop, DPP

Here's The Deal:

I just came across a great deal on a Pixma PRO-100 Photo Printer packaged with 50 sheets of extra large (13 x 19″) Pro Luster Photo Paper. Right now this package deal will only set you back $59 bucks after getting a $250 mail in rebate.

The Canon Pixma PRO-100 is one of the best photo printers on the market for it’s price point. This is the perfect printer for armature photographers, small business owners, or even just a photo printer for your house. For only $59 bucks you really can’t go wrong!

The Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer includes a 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution and Canon’s FINE innovation with an ink drop as little as 3.0 pl. The printer’s 8-cartridge ink system offers a large color variety and consists of 3 black inks for top quality black-and-white pictures. The Pro-100 can output borderless prints as much as 13 x 19″ and works with a wide variety of media, consisting of shiny, radiance, and matte photo paper in addition to Museum Etching and other art documents. In addition, you can print straight on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs and develop your very own adjustable discs and coats. The consisted of Print Studio Pro plug in software application supplies a simple method to attain optimum outcomes when printing straight from Adobe Photoshop CS and Components, along with from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The PIXMA Pro-100 includes numerous connection choices so you can quickly print from your various gadgets. In addition to a basic USB connection, you can link to the printer over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. In addition, you can utilize the front-facing USB port to print straight from a suitable digital cam with PictBridge compatibility.

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User Reviews:

First of all I want to dispel some myths and answer some questions about the printer. It has two (2) paper feed sections, one that is sort of on top, you can put about ¼ of a ream of paper in there and one that folds open from the back of the printer that is single sheet feeding for products that are thicker and don’t bend well. Next it works fine with Windows 10 and the software runs just fine. It takes it a while to warm up, that is typical of all top end printers, don’t shut it off ever and you will be in good shape and it will save you some ink. Also for those that are unsuspecting this printer is massive, you should expect that with so many ink tanks and 13” wide feeding, but it is huge if you have never seen it in person.Ok, now down to the nitty gritty. Setup time from box opened to my first print was about 45 min including installing software and so forth. The profiles for canon papers are not that bad depending on the paper, I tried Luster and Platinum Pro from there line. Luster was not that great, Platinum Pro was better. I also tried some Red River papers last night, I like them better than canon paper and there profiles are better. It feeds my 250gsm Aurora Art paper from the back feed with no problems. Print quality its self was better than my local Walgreens print center so long as you set it to fine, about on par if you set it to normal. Colors where great, purples and blues popped nicely when I was printing some MLP stuff for my daughter, reds and organ look nice too. Black and white is much better than a standard inkjet, but yes the Pro-10 and Pro-1 make better black and white prints (had a friend make me a couple from his studio to compare). Print time was not bad for a high end, on fine setting I hit print and go make a cup of tea, by the time I’m back the page is done. Considering I have some friends with printers that take 5 min a page, I’m pleased with the speed.The good and bad of what is in the box. Well the power cord is a good length and the documentation is not bad. The USB cord they give you is a joke, it is short, very short, only slightly longer than the printer is wide. I have not tried the tray for printing on a CD. The packaging was good and secure.Ok let’s talk value. When I ordered I was arguing between a good price point and the all-out performance of a Pro-1. I don’t print that much, some photos for my cube at my day job, some of my semi-pro photos that I sell on line and a little here and there for family. As such I did not feel that I could justify the price of a Pro-1 and figured I would try the Pro-100 and see if it met my needs. My needs are more than met. For the price point the Pro-100 cannot be beat. I am more than pleased with the purchase and with the rebate it is even better.Word on the rebate. You need to send a full copy of the receipt (showing order number and that you paid), yes Amazon is an authorized retailer, it is a good idea to pre-register the rebate and send the whole set of bar code and SN on the outside of the box and it runs fairly smooth. DO NOT send the upc on the inner flap, DO NOT peel the label off the cardboard, send the cut out cardboard.Hope that was helpful.
BySoft beard the pirate - April 22, 2016
First, some background: I am a digital artist. I judge a printer on two main criteria: how well does the printer match the picture on my monitor and the color gamut of the printer.I have spent a lot of effort to figure out how to match screen to print. For a monitor, I use an NEC PA271W calibrated using NEC's X-Rite based sensor. I calibrate the monitor to a color balance of 4000K. I view the print next to the monitor under a 4000K Solux lamp (50W low voltage halogen). Using my old printer, a Canon iP6700D, I can get excellent screen to print match using Canon glossy papers (Photo Paper Plus Glossy) and standard Canon printer profiles for those papers. I use 4000K color temperature because I have found (using the X-Rite sensor) that my house is around 4000K on the interior during the day and is in the 3200-3300K range at night (artificial light). I find the 4000K screen color balance makes the screen look like the prints when hung on the wall. This all has taken me years to figure out. I also demand a high level of quality and I am very sensitive to color shifts.Now for the Canon PRO-100 printer. I first printed on stock Canon papers using standard Canon profiles: Platinum Pro, Semi-Gloss, Luster, and Photo Paper Plus Glossy. I was somewhat disappointed with the results--they were OK. I found the screen match wasn't as good as with my older Canon iP6700D printer. So, I started to print grey scales (neutral, warm, cool, 21 points each). I found that for all the papers, the results were similar: highlights were significantly too dark, midtones were light and dark tones were light. I found that overall prints felt dark. I speculate this is because of the compressed contrast and especially missing highlights. I now was thinking I would need to make custom profiles for these papers---I assumed that the issue was with the stock Canon profiles, but couldn't be sure it wasn't a general printer issue. (I found these problems surprising given my past experience with Canon papers and profiles).So, I tried some 3rd party papers. I tried 11 Hahnemuehle and Canson Infinity papers. What a difference! I got outstanding screen matches and color gamuts with the following papers: Hahnemuehle: Fine Art Pearl (my personal favourite), Photo Rag Satin, Photo Rag Pearl, Fine Art Baryta. Canson Infinity: BFK Rives, Platine Fibre Rag (very nice), Photo Satin Premium PC, PhotoArt HD Canvas. In each case I use the stock paper profiles for the PRO-100 supplied by Hahnemuehle and Canson Infinity. The PRO-100 definitely produced lovely prints with better screen matching and color gamut than my old Canon iP6700D. The general color tone was a significant improvement also.So, in summary, the PRO-100 is an excellent printer when used with high quality profiles. For Canon paper, the stock Canon profiles are subpar and I would not recommend them.
Soft beard the pirate - April 27, 2013
Wonderful printer, but it was difficult getting set up. Love the photo quality, and doesn't seem to use too much ink. Have printed at least 30 8.5x11" photos, and 10 13x19" photos, with about half of my ink levels left.
ByYaamon - November 10, 2016


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