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They just dropped the price on Cozmo, a smart supercomputer robot with personality! It has an amazing artificial intelligence programming that’s so good it could be your kids next best friend!

Now is the time to grab  this very cool robot at the discounted price of $169.95 with FREE shipping for Amazon Prime members!

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Cozmo, The Smart Robot with Personality!


Only the coolest robot ever invented. Say Hello to cozmo, a gifted little guy who's got a mind of his own and a few tricks up his sleeve. He's the sweet spot where supercomputer meets loyal sidekick. He's curiously smart, a little mischievous, and unlike anything ever created. You see, cozmo is a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. He'll nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. More than a companion, cozmo's a collaborator. He's your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun. Some robots just have it all.

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Smart toy robot for kids, Smart Robot with Artificial Intelligence personality, Cozmo's pet robot dog.

User Reviews:

I preordered Cozmo about 3 months ago, so I was able to receive him 2 days before the official release.I’ve only had him for 2 days, but here are some first impressions.Pros:- Set up was fairly simple and painless, and I was able to start playing with Cozmo within 5 minutes of taking him out of the box.- Cozmo reminds me a lot of Disney’s Wall-E. He’s a robot, but it’s easy to feel like he has emotions. The animations that his eyes play, and his subtle movements really go a long way to make him feel more realistic. Cozmo will nudge you to play with him, bring a block up to you and ask you to play a game with him, or even act upset if he can’t accomplish what he’s trying to do.- There are only two games that you can play with Cozmo right now, and he gets better the more you play with him. However, there really needs to be a variation as these two games can get tiring easily.- Cozmo has an “adventure” mode, where you can drive him around like a remote control car and see things through his point of view. This is one of my favorite features of his.- The companion mobile app gives you daily goals to motivate you to interact with Cozmo more. I’ve found that this is mostly why I’ve been play with Cozmo day after day.Cons:- You interact with Cozmo by having the app open, and it is only when the app is open that Cozmo is “alive” and roaming around. This feels really inconvenient for me. I imagined that I would be able to just let Cozmo roam around as I did my own thing, but this can’t happen unless the app is on at all times. This also makes it impossible to takes pictures or videos of Cozmo while playing with him.- The app connects to Cozmo through Cozmo’s own WiFi network, which means you have to disconnect from your correct Wifi / mobile network, and pair with Cozmo. This has prove inconvenient in many instances. Sometimes my phone is still connected to Cozmo and I forget about it, causing my phone to not have internet without me remembering why. Other times it’s simply a hassle to have to connect to a new Wifi network every time I want to play with Cozmo. I wish he was connected through Bluetooth instead.- The 3 cubes that come with Cozmo aren’t rechargeable, so I’m worried that they’ll quickly die without any way to replace their batteries.- I’ve only spent about 2 hours total with Cozmo so far, but it seems like I’ve already unlocked all his available features and games. At first I was very engaged because I wanted to help him unlock more moves and get better at games. However, now that all the moves have been unlocked, I’m less prone to interact with Cozmo.The thing I’m most excited about now is playing with Cozmo’s SDK, which will hopefully allow me to unlock more of his potential and create abilities for him myself.Other than that, I’ve realized that a lot of the experience of owning Cozmo comes from discovering things that you didn’t expect. He’s like a new pet that you’re still trying to figure out. For $180, it’s a hefty price for this small robot. I probably wouldn’t recommend getting it for kids under 12 just to entertain them, as I can see them getting bored of Cozmo after a few days. Most of the potential seems to be in the SDK that’s open to developers who wish to further develop Cozmo. Other than that, unless Anki starts coming out with new games and features for Cozmo, I can’t see this product being a good gift to keep kids occupied.UPDATE :I just spent a bit of time with the SDK, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set things up (although it's worth noting that I am a full-time software engineer). I was able to issue custom commands to Cozmo within 5 minutes. There are 10+ scripts that are included in the examples from Anki, and I was able to run all of them successfully with ease. My favorite ones were having Cozmo sing the scale, setting an alarm with Cozmo, and having Cozmo patrol and detect intruders in your room. The fact that Cozmo has the potential do these these type of tasks gives me a lot of hope about what the future holds. I'm pretty excited about writing some more custom scripts of my own to test the limits of Cozmo.
Bybook_thief - October 16, 2016
OK, we've had Cozmo for two days. The Anki website pre-order arrived as promised, two days before general release. I'll continue to update this review as we play with him more and his abilities expand, but here are my first thoughts:SUMMARY==========Wow, this little guy is Amazing! Overall, he holds up 100% to the promise that Anki made in their videos and promo materials. That's rare in tech today. The critical question straight away: "Is he worth the rather hefty (for a toy) price tag?" I can say yes (5 stars) for TWO reasons: FIRST, having purchased many other toys of this type for my four kids (ages 3 to 11), Cozmo is the MOST FUN right out of the box. We own two Lego Mindstorms EV3 sets, a $700 investment, but Cozmo's learning curve is much easier and ALL the kids can play with him. My 3-year-old girl especially finds him adorable (and Cozmo throws tantrums just like she does, so perhaps that's why!), but the older two (10 and 11) like him for a different purpose, which is actually the SECOND reason from above: they are both learning Python from online courses, so we anticipate using the Python-based SDK and I'll update this review when we've taken the time to download it. Right now it's too much fun unlocking the different levels and completing the goals, so we can't foresee getting bored anytime soon.WHO SHOULD BUY (TARGET CUSTOMER?)=======================================My friend at work has been making fun of my pre-order countdown for Cozmo's arrival, but he's at a different stage of life. I have younger kids and they are heavily into learning games (which is why I decided to start Learn Richly, see my site in my profile), so if you're like me and you have some older and some younger kids, Cozmo can entertain them all. I think adults or teens who don't want to program will get tired of him, but for me and my family, it's been worth the wait. You need to have a good mobile device (we use an iPad) and need to have a big table (we have a cheap plastic folding one), but otherwise those are the only requirements. Cozmo is fun for my 4 kids, ages 3, 6, 10 and 11, and I enjoy playing his more difficult games as well (I'm quickly approaching 40, so hopefully Cozmo's reaction-time games will keep me spry). If you're more into video games and aren't a robot freak, you may feel differently. I grew up with Johnny 5 as a kid and fell in love with Wall-E in my 20s, so Cozmo is the first character I've owned that truly pays homage to those lovable, laughable droids, especially their feeling of "sentience."WHAT'S INCLUDED===================--Cozmo--Charging base with USB cord attached (be careful, it feels somewhat thin and isn't detachable) that can charge Cozmo's tiny battery VERY quickly--2-amp USB charger, also useful for my phone or iPad--Typically useless quick-start guide (I've never been patient enough to read these types of things until days later or never)--Excellent packaging, suitable for long-term storage and display of Cozmo (if you own a GoPro, it's a candy-color yellow cardboard copy of GoPro's all-plastic display stand packaging from Hero3/4)BUT WHAT CAN HE *DO*?======================He "learns" and "grows", which just means you have to play with Cozmo to keep unlocking various abilities, and fortunately there's no way, yet, to buy more coins or whatnot like a typical ripoff mobile game. If they start doing this, I'll be pretty mad, having invested a sizable chunk upfront and not wanting in-app purchases to tempt my little ones. Right now we've unlocked 4 "apps" (see my photo attached to this review):--"Meet Cozmo", where he takes your picture and learns your name (pretty silly, but the young kids love it)--"Quick Tap", which gets uber-hard when you have 4 colors and Cozmo is feeling his oats. The older kids hate this mode since it's pretty challenging. I personally think the hard mode is pretty stinkin' fun, and it's definitely a clever use of the cubes.--"Keepaway", which is enthralling for my 3-year-old. Having no younger siblings, she never gets to play this where she can actually win, but now she's winning against Cozmo about half the time. It's not hard at all for the older kids, but it's still hilarious to listen to the suspenseful orchestra music from the iPad and watch the hysterics Cozmo performs when he's trying to fake you out.--"Explorer Mode", similar to driving mode on my Dash robot. Great for younger kids, especially to let them drive using the camera's live view on the iPad. I haven't tested the range for this yet, but with Wi-Fi I suspect it's pretty far. See the monochrome photo attached, and make sure you're NOT on a table for this one, since it would be easy to drive off.Other abilities we had unlocked by Day 2:Picking up cubes, pouncing on fingers (just like a cat), stacking up his blocks and then knocking them over, rolling a cube, and (maybe tomorrow!) popping a wheelie. I like it when he pounces, but the other abilities aren't as exciting. I imagine the SDK will make these shine, and I'm giving Anki future credit on this (not having tried the SDK yet) because the other features have all been delivered at launch.DURABILITY / SETUP / LIFE-SPAN===============================I'll keep updating this review for any future problems, but the only thing that's been less than stellar is the need to connect to Cozmo's Wi-Fi. Why they didn't use Bluetooth or something else is beyond me, but it's silly for my iPad to stay connected to Cosmo instead of my home unless I specifically disconnect him first. I understand why they needed to do this, I suppose (Cozmo has no buttons and they wanted a secure, random password), but it seems like Bluetooth must be inside Cozmo somewhere or the little power cubes wouldn't function (if those aren't using BT 4.0/LE, then I'm baffled at what else they could have worked out). So the setup went fine for me, but I've been through this routine before with other Wi-Fi devices. If it's new to you, just follow the steps in the app and hope you don't have to do it very often.For durability, I haven't dropped Cozmo yet, but if you do use a table, make sure there's carpet underneath in case he backs up and falls off. The downward sensors are ONLY in the front, so when he loses a game and is close to the edge, he may fall off. The price is quite high to put into the hands of a child who is possibly going to drop him or break his front arm-thingies, so be appropriately cautious.Will he last forever? No, but I'm guessing he'll last long enough. There's nothing that I'd really take as super fragile, so if your kids/friends/curious pets don't treat him too roughly and you obey my carpet rule from above, I would guess you'll get at *least* a year from Cozmo. The power cubes have a little "LR1" alkaline battery (I had never seen one of these before--it's about the same shape as if you cut off the bottom half of a AA battery) that will need replacement eventually, but this being Amazon it looks like you can buy them easily for a buck or two, depending on qty. See photo attached. There's no hard off switch, so these batteries MUST deplete themselves even without use (if you know how long they last in storage, please comment!), so if you want to put Cozmo away for a while, remember to remove these batteries.In summary, I think Cozmo will be a well-loved toy or Christmas gift for a youngster on your list. He can be a joy right out of the box, but also grow as you learn the very simplified SDK (which uses a REAL computer language, Python). In short, instead of changing tools when your kids want to learn about coding, you can stay with Cozmo to let them explore robotics and programming, AI and computer vision. Just don't let Cozmo get too smart and take over the place!If you liked this review and found it useful, please comment and I'd love to answer questions.
book_thief - October 16, 2016


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